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About Us

We are a food processing enterprise, specialized in highly nutritious porridge flour. Malnutrition amongst children in Malawi is still high and affects children development and their performance at school. We make highly nutritious food aimed at erradicating malnutrition . We believe that Malawi’s agricultural sector still needs value addition if we are to maximize the revenue the country boasts about. Realizing that agriculture forms Malawi’s backbone yet most of the exports are raw materials, we thought it wise to set up a food processing company that adds value to the locally grown agricultural produce so that we maximize the returns from the sector. We work with contracted farmers, supply them farm inputs then buy their farm produce. In so doing we create market for them and double their income and improve their livelihood.



Wamkaka is made from heat treated maize, groundnuts rice, soya, sugar and milk. It is consumed as a porridge or gruel. The porridge is prepared by mixing an appropriate proportion of flour and clean water (i.e. 40g of the flour with 250 g of water) followed by a boiling time at simmering point from five to ten minutes.

The flour is rich in proteins, Iron, Vitamins, carbohydrates and Calcium making it ideal for body building and reducing malnutrition amongst its users. It is ideal for children development and we recommend it to the entire family. The product is cheaper as compared to those on the market and easily accessible through the unique selling strategy of using distributor agents.


Other products

We also sale pure cream maize flour, assorted food hampers and other graded and packaged farm produce like rice, ground nuts, etc.


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