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About Us

We are a food processing enterprise, specialized in highly nutritious porridge flour. We believe that Malawi’s agricultural sector still needs value addition if we are to maximize the revenue the country boasts about. Realizing that agriculture forms Malawi’s backbone yet most of the exports are raw materials, we thought it wise to set up a food processing company that adds value to the locally grown agricultural produce so that we maximize the returns from the sector.

Our Background

Mtengo Wakumunda is a registered Agro-food-processing and trading enterprise. The enterprise was established after the founder was recruited by the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD agency to undergo a three months agribusiness and entrepreneurship training at Small and Medium Enterprise Development Institute (SMEDI) in a project called “Promoting Decent Rural Employment and Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Agribusiness”. The team comprises of 8 young experienced staff responsible for the executive management of the enterprise plus advisors.

By processing and adding value to the farm produce, we don’t only maximize returns from the produce, but we also promote food security in the country since spoilage and wastage of harvest is reduced as processed goods have long shelf life and well managed.

Our name “Mtengo Wakumunda (Farm price) speaks volumes of our philosophy and what we uphold. We believe that it is possible to process farm produce and sale the value-added products at a cheaper price like farm gate price whilst not compromising on the issue of quality.

As if that’s not enough, by processing farm produce, we also contribute in the fight against malnutrition which is widespread in the country. Since we add value to our products by adding nutritious supplements for instance our brand “Nutritop Wamkaka cereal blend porridge flour” is highly nutritious as we combine several cereals, milk and vitamin A rich sugar which makes the product ideal in the fight against malnutrition. 



Provide high quality processed food products at a farm gate price


To become a leading food processing company

Core Values

Quality, Integrity, Affordability, Hard work, Transparency, Accountability, Commitment

About the founder and director

Sylvester Chabuka is a 27 year old Malawian with a passion for agriculture and entrepreneurship. Sylvester is a holder of bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Safety from Central Christian University. Sylvester has a background in agribusiness and entrepreneurship where he was enrolled into the first cohort of a joint project between NEPAD and the Malawi government in a project called Decent Rural Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Agribusiness at SMEDI in Mponera where he underwent a 1 month in class financial management and business training and had hands on experience for 1 month where he processed flour at a food processing company in Lilongwe. After the internship he had 1 month training of business plan development. Besides that, Sylvester has undergone several management and administrative trainings and has obtained over 8 certificates. Sylvester has been active in agriculture where he has been growing grain crops and has been an agro-dealer for over 5 years. In January 2018 Sylvester founded Mtengo Wakumunda Enterprise which started prototyping its products in March 2018 and launched the first branded product in June 2020

Sylvester has won awards such as the 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation, 2022 TotalEnergies Startupper of the year and the 2022 Presidential Zikomo award. He is also a 2021 Community Engagement Exchange Fellow